Peter Hanson Sculpture




Water Elements

Water and stone appear to be opposites and indeed a metaphor for all opposites. Moving and still, ancient and new, hard and soft. In their symbiotic relationship they enhance and vivify each other, revealing an endless dance of beauty. Water reveals the many textures and colors of stone as it runs across its varied surfaces, while stone equally reveals many qualities of water. It can appear to run down surfaces at different rates of speed depending on the stone texture and the way light hits it. It can billow up in a fountain basin and break apart in patterns similar to viscous oil, or disappear into a stone as it clings to it as in the "omphalos" and "three-tiered" fountains. My fountains explore the subtle and remarkable qualities of water through the medium of stone.

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The Aquajito Road and Sunset Idea House projects were done in collaboration with Bernard Trainor.